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Tipsy Tribe is Brussels’ first and only establishment to have both a brewery and a distillery under a single roof. Tipsy Tribe produces premium craft beers and spirits that infuse the best of Belgian and international styles and ingredients.



All craft beers and spirits at Tipsy Tribe are brewed and distilled entirely at the brewstillery. The team works dilligently to make everything from scratch: from grinding the grains all the way up to bottling*



*including all the damn cleaning ;)




Vote for Tipsy Tribe for awards by
2 May 2023

Do you want to show your support for your favorite brewstillery? Then please cast your vote for Tipsy Tribe for the public award! This award is given to companies that have a positive impact on Brussels! 

Tipsy Tribe brewstillery is much more than an innovative producer of craft beers and spirits. It is also much more than home to the first whiskey ever made in Brussels.

Tipsy Tribe is ideally positioned to synergize brewing and distilling to bring innovation to its spirits and beers, and to elevate Brussels' position in the craft spirits scene.

Founded by immigrants and with gender equality in its ownership, Tipsy Tribe is dedicated to sustainability and diversity, creating a welcoming and inclusive space for all.

By voting for Tipsy Tribe brewstillery, you are not only supporting a great vision for Brussels, but you're also supporting a small business that is environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

A 100% "Made in Brussels" whiskey being distilled in Koekelberg
16 February 2023

"The next step towards fully brewed and distilled whiskey in Brussels is barreling. The announced date is March 9. The future whiskey will spend the next three years there, the minimum time to obtain the whiskey appellation."

Checkout the article by Jean Lannoy for RTBF

The discovery of "Tipsy Tribe brewery-distillery" by Academisch Nieuws
27 December 2022

"Their passion shines through! From the very beginning they made the decision to do everything from A to Z themselves, not to outsource production, and to achieve the high quality level they had in mind through self-study and a lot of practice." writes Mark Van Pee for Academisch Nieuws (original article in dutch, english translation available at the link below on p6). 

5 things to know about Tipsy Tribe, the first brewery-distillery in Brussels
23 December 2022

"A brewery-distillery is a first [in Brussels]. And when we know that she nurseries in... Koekelberg, there is something to intrigue. Here are 5 things to know about Tipsy Tribe, just co-founded by adopted Brussels residents Aylin and Daniel, a stone's throw from the basilica." Great new piece by Julien Rensonnet for Belgian national newspaper l'Avenir

Minister Sven Gatz visits Tipsy Tribe
19 November 2022

Minister Sven Gatz visited the brewstillery. A zythologist by training and a native of our neck of the woods, we were delighted to have him try (and enjoy!) our craft beers and spirits.

Mayor of Koekelberg (Brussels) visits Tipsy Tribe!
23 September 2022

We are honored to be visited the Mayor and his team!

Tipsy Tribe participates in
Belgium Beer Week 2022
24 August 2022

Tipsy Tribe and Hoppiness Brussels joined forces during Belgium Beer Week 2022 to organise a fantastic combo of brewery tour + tasting of local craft beers!

Tipsy Tribe perfects fusion power
1 April 2022

We are extremely psyched to make headlines with our latest perfection of fusion power while distilling - a true game changer for the energy sector!

First bottle delivery... Think we got enough?
27 July 2021

We got our first big delivery of beer bottles at the Brewstillery!

New Home for the Tipsy Tribe Brewstillery
24 February 2021

After a long search, we finally found a home for our Brewstillery! On the back of a 1909 building in the Koekelberg neighborhood of Brussels, we found a space full of potential and embarked on major renovation works.

Private event for beer-tasting
16 November 2017

Our friends and family joined us for a night of tasting of some of our beers. Looking forward to more of these nights!

Ümlaüts Ünleashed featured in The Parliament Magazine amongst the five Brussels beers to try this summer!
2 May 2023

"Ümlaüts Ünleashed is a Brussels version of the Cologne beer kölsch, a top-fermenting style known for its pale colour, high attenuation, hoppiness and brightness of flavour. Tipsy Tribe’s version is named playfully for the Germanic umlaut. Fewer beer styles are more perfect for summer drinking than the kölsch, and Tipsy Tribe deliver one that’s grainy, fruity, light and thirst-quenching" writes Breandán Kearney for The Parliament Magazine.

Tipsy Tribe Brewery & Distillery: 'We are making a 100% Brussels whiskey'
12 February 2023

"We head to Tipsy Tribe in Koekelberg, the only Brussels brewery that is also a distillery"

Watch this excellent interview with Bruzz  by Camilla Lamberti and Stefano Lapasini

Zytholoog Magazine writes in-depth piece "Tipsy Tribe brewery-distillery"
24 December 2022

"If you walk through the Jetsesteenweg in Koekelberg, there is nothing to suggest that one of the youngest microbreweries in Brussels is located at number 374. You have to step into the portal of this inconspicuous row house to see a plaque on the door with 'Tipsy Tribe'. However, the facade is deceptive, because behind it is a surprisingly rim building hidden with a remarkable history" writes Sabine Mans for Zytholoog (article in dutch). 

Tipsy Tribe: the new kid in town
6 December 2022

Biere Grand Cru publishes an in-depth feature about Tipsy Tribe: "The latest newcomer, Tipsy Tribe, is a special case as to our knowledge it is the only one [in Brussels] that combines brewing and distilling under one roof."

"New player in town : Tipsy Tribe – un duo à trois"
7 November 2022

Tipsy Tribe as the new player in town was featured in an in-depth piece in

Tipsy Tribe becomes member of Brussels' Good Food Initiative
16 September 2022

Tipsy Tribe is pumped to become a member of Brussels Good Food - an initiative that promotes a sustainable food system in the Brussels-Capital Region

Business Club Koekelberg visits Tipsy Tribe
20 June 2022

On 20th June, Tipsy Tribe welcomed the Business Network 1081 organised by the Koekelberg commune and The team shared their experiences and insights with other local entrepreneurs.

Go big or go home: new equipment arrives!
17 November 2021

Our brewing equipment has arrived! We are super psyched to start brewing with these bad boys!

Solar panels power the Brewstillery
12 July 2021

The roof of the Brewstillery is now covered with state-of-the-art solar panels that will help us make some of that delicious booze while harnessing the power of the sun.

Beer-making workshop in Vilvoorde
19 August 2019

As part of Stad Vilvoorde's Summer in Asiat project, we've given a beer-making workshop in Vilvoorde. We had a great time brewing with the group of awesome participants on a pretty badass location in an abandoned military base 🚀👻🍺! 


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