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Terms and Conditions

Return Conditions

In order to return the goods the following needs to be respected:

  • The Goods are in the original packaging 

  • The Goods must have been purchased in the last 14 days 

Returns will not be processed in the following cases: 

  • The Goods have been mixed with other products.

  • Expiration date is near or the Goods have become irreparably damaged or deteriorated in quality.

  • Goods that were opened/unsealed after purchase

  • The Goods were made to your specific requirements or otherwise personalized 


We reserve the right to refuse returns under any circumstances mentioned above or otherwise applicable in the future


Only regular priced Goods may be refunded. Goods on sale cannot be refunded. This exclusion may not apply to you if it is not permitted by applicable law.

Delivery Conditions

All goods will be delivered on the agreed upon delivery date and address.

Address for delivery must be communicated minimum 24 hours in advance.

Any changes to this delivery address less than 24 hours in advance of the delivery date and time will incur a penalty of 5 EUR excl. VAT per box (24 pack beer or 12 pack of spirits)

Delivery in Brussels that requires more than 1 hour to complete due to issues uncontrolled by us (road closures, etc) will incur a 10% fuel surcharge.

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