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MADE 100% BY US.


At Tipsy Tribe, we pride ourselves in putting quality first. This means our craft beers and spirits are made from scratch: starting from the grinding of the grains all the way to bottling.

We don't contract out our beers.

We don't buy spirit precursors.


Every drop of delicious goodness is made entirely by us for you.


You can buy it directly at the brewstillery during our visiting hours (Thursday 12:00-18:00; Saturday 12:00-17:00)

Online via My Beer Box

Select specialty shops throughout Brussels.


Lemon Lime Dry Hopped Sour

A delicately dry-hopped Berliner Weisse style beer with the added badassery of distilled bio lemon and lime zests.

Alcohol 4.0%

Bodacious Sour IPA - w shadow resized.png

Chocolate Rye IPA

Maltey, chocolatey, coffee, blueberry, tropicalishness all together, up in one bottle.

Beware of the bourbon barrel aged version!

Alcohol 5.8%

Beer bottle 330ml ChocoRyeIPA resized.png

Magiç Hour
Sunset Blonde

A Belgian blonde ale, classic in it's approach and made for modern times.

Alcohol 7%

Beer bottle 330ml with a white label_q Magic hour(1)_edited.png

Hoppy Session Juniper White

A gently hopped wheat ale, hazy in all its glory with a light citrus finish and a playful aroma of distilled juniper essence.

Alcohol 4.9%

Beer bottle 330ml with a white label_Distinct cropped.png

Hoppy Session White

A gently hopped wheat ale, hazy in all its glory with a light citrus finish. Phases is just one piece of the puzzle.

Alcohol 4.9%

Beer bottle 330ml with a white label_Phases cropped.png

American IPA

An IPA born from pure friction and chaos. American HBC 586 hops and some hyper fruity yeast created a true marvel of an IPA that will dazzle your senses and leave you wanting more. Take your tastebuds for a ride!

Alcohol 6.0%

Chaotique mockup - January 2023_edited.png

The Koekelbeer
Belgian Pale Ale

Light and refreshing, this Belgian pale ale uses lightly kilned barley with a small dose of flaked oats. Cascade hops for bittering gives you a nice, easy drinking beer, good for any occasion.

Alcohol 4.8%

The Koekelbeer mockup - January 2023_edited.png

Japanese IPA

Inspired by classic Japanese beers, Kicho was brewed with the power of barley and rice to accentuate the juicy hoppiness of all that an IPA can be.


We use Nelson Sauvin hops from the Pacific region to make this IPA truly one of a kind!

Alcohol 5.9%

Beer bottle 330ml with a white label_Kicho New Format - no shadow cropped.png

Summer Tripel

Sometimes you feel like a classic Tripel, but maybe you want it a bit lighter and not so, "knock ya on your ass after 2".  With the Tipsy Tribe Summer Tripel we have a excellent "frisbee in the park on a hot day" type of beer. Lighter than your normal Tripel with all the great malty taste you love in the classic Belgian style!

Alcohol 6%

Summer tripel mockup final_edited.png

Clown Show

So we just kept saying to ourselves "a little more hops wouldn't hurt, right?"

Like a circus clown car full of hops instead of clowns, the question is how many clowns can fit in one car?...and subsequently...are there any clown flavored hops?

Alcohol 6.3%

clown show v1_edited.png

Ümlaüts Ünleashed
Bxl Kölsch

Light in color, body and soul, this Kölsch is a fine embodiment of the style, producing a crisp and slightly dry beer with a very easy malt character. A collaboration brewing session with old friends, perfect to bring people together.

Alcohol 5.5%

umlauts unleashed v1_edited.png

Hipsters Revenge
Double Dry Hopped Belgian American IPA

Malty, Sweetishness, ..and loaded with a metric gigaton of dry hoppin' of Mosaic and Citra hops.  American and Belgian styles and ingredients fused to perfection.


PS. we may have had a few while writing this description... ;)

Alcohol 6.6%

HR mockup final_edited.png



Jetteset is an unfiltered craft gin made for those who love quality over quantity.

Each bottle was made sustainably harnessing the elusive yet magical Belgian sun.

Jetteset is perfect neat, poured over ice or mixed with your favorite tonic.

Alcohol 43%



A lot of people's experience with vodka is the headache inducing drain clearner / battlefield wound sterilizer you find everywhere. 


Vivre ain't that.


Vivre was brewed with high quality ingredients and then triple distilled to the highest purity. In the end, we hand selected the finest cuts of alcohol for each batch, creating a vodka that focuses on quality over quantity. With a subtle floral sweetness, Vivre will change your whole view on what vodka is.


As if that's not good enough, Vivre is distilled with solar power, thus harnessing the power of Brussels sunshine.

Alcohol 40%


Hot Sauce Vodka

Lit is a collaboration flavored vodka made using Fermenthings’ homemade hot sauce combined with Tipsy Tribe’s house vodka. The two were mixed and redistilled to create a truly one of a kind spirit.

Lit was distilled sustainably harnessing the magical Brussels sunshine.

Alcohol 43%

Lit mockup final.png

Tipsy Tidings
Christmas Spirit

Tipsy Tidings is a special edition liqueur made by infusing our very own Vivre vodka with winter holiday botanicals.


This Christmas spirit will make you believe in Santa all over again!

Tipsy Tidings was distilled sustainably with the power of the ever elusive Brussels sunshine.

Alcohol 31.5%

Tipsy Tidings mockup.png

Our whiskey - Brussels' first whiskey -  is currently maturing in a barrel at the brewstillery.

We're also making liqueurs, raki and many more craft beers and spirits.


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